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Our Learning Spaces

Our Learning Spaces

While working on the approach towards the architecture of The School for Global Minds, we tried to think like a child. We studied child psychology and how dwelling spaces in the school affect development in aspects of culture and behaviour in a child. We took lessons from the world’s foremost experts on designing creative spaces for children.

We have been able to integrate intellectual and creative triggers throughout the design for our learning spaces, while trying to seamlessly blend their ideas with aesthetics that set The School for global minds apart as more than just a school building but a place with lot of character and personality.

Inspired by the non-linearity and creative forces of nature and organisms, TSGM’s architecture is visually poetic, radical, idiosyncratic and environmentally aware; it embodies harmony of place, person and materials. The architecture is multi-faceted, free and surprising. The inspiration for this architecture comes from nature and can be seen in the shapes and designs that mimic natural entities.

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