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Discovery Launchpad


Discovery Launchpad is a unique program that brings immense educational and vocational value to our students. It is a differentiated learning platform that encourages innovation and entrepreneurship. Apart from introducing technology and engineering skills early on, it also fosters creativity, critical thinking, collaboration and communication.

The curriculum spans across three subjects – Computer Science, Tech Launchpad and Entrepreneurship Lab.

Computer Science: Our subject matter experts have integrated Scratch Programming modules for grades 4 & 5 making computer education more practical and fun. Scratch allows students to build custom animations and games. Apps are hard to do without today and our students are getting to the core of making their own Apps. They are using the Android programming platform MIT App Inventor in grades 5 to learn App building.

Tech Launchpad: This is an exciting set of courses specifically brought together for the 21st century student. We know that ‘intelligent’ functioning of many appliances is a result of Embedded designs using microcontrollers.Other interesting inclusions in Tech Launchpad are Blogging, Movie Making and Website Design.

Entrepreneurship Lab: A specific curriculum on Entrepreneurship has been designed for grades 1 through 5. While the Computer Science and Tech Launchpad cultivate the spirit of innovation in students, Entrepreneurship Labs nurtures the skills needed to pursue an innovation, to make it marketable and a profitable venture.

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