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Grade 1-7

A developing mind needs more than just academics for overall development. Primary schooling or the grade 1-7 is the actual start of the journey of proper schooling or more than that for life. Our skilled teachers create an environment where academic teaching, the emergence of creativity and development of personality – all take on a parallel focus; Thereby our focus is on strengthening the foundation for character development of the children for the years to come.

We know that young kids only flourish when they are treated with love, kindness, and respect. So we make sure to instil values of humanity & integrity into them. We understand the importance of uniqueness in every individual, whether that person is shy or confident, sporty, scholarly or both. We nurture every child with equality, care & kindness.

We emphasize the importance of learning through play all the while having a commitment to holistic, structured and curious attitude towards education, as it develops their complete personality with self-confidence & self-esteem.

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