NH. 207, Boodigere Road, Brigade Orchards Spinal Road, Devanahalli.

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Our Pre-School program offers children a decisive stepping-stone into the world of formal education. We teach children’s to understand learning as something fun, Instead of being stressed the first time they’re in a classroom. We encourage students to explore freely & develop social skills and creative ways of learning.

Our curriculum for LKG & UKG helps children ease the transition from home to school. They learn structures and routines in a progressive manner.

Lower kindergarten (LKG) or Junior KG is a natural progression from the Nursery. They learn the alphabet and basic numbers. Children will be encouraged to play. They develop social, emotional and physical skills.

Upper kindergarten (UKG) or Senior KG is a more structured way of teaching. Children learn to read and write using creative methods. Their vocabulary develops and they learn basic math. Teachers use a more individual approach depending on the child. The learnings are used to prepare children for first grade.

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