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The child has one intuitive aim: self development

The successful story of Online Classes in TSGM!

We are all going through the pandemic and with schools closed our children are stripped off the school routine. There were misconceptions among the parents about online classes.

One year loss of academics will create a gap of 5 to 10 years in the wisdom of our country. So we decided to go for online classes.

Our team at TSGM assured the parents that they are here to help the students and make online classes as best as it can possibly be.

We got our parents involved in decisions which helped us to build strong relationships and it also paved the way for progress in the learning process of our children.

We are successfully navigating the academic year 2020- 21 through online classes. Our classes enables us reach out to our students and parents more effectively through Microsoft Teams.

We engage our children not only in academic areas but also give them exposure to co- curricular activities like Art & Craft, Quiz , Story Telling, festival celebrations amongst others. We also involve them in virtual special assemblies – where they exhibit their talents and learn about our rich cultural heritage and moral values, motivating them to take part in competitions etc.etc., and making them truly fall in love with learning.
Our journey continues in the field of education to groom and mould our children to be more and more competent to face their future. The pandemic has brought out the inert quality which exists in every Indian that is to rise to the challenge under difficult times.

The story continues …….

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