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The School for Global Minds delivers excellent quality education, ample opportunities to excel in sports and co-curricular while inculcating strong Indian Values into the child. Our students would be given the right learning environment to become the global leaders of tomorrow.

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    TSGM has been designed for the CBSE curriculum. We are committed to impart quality education to our students by having excellent, qualified teachers.

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    TSGM boasts of having one of the best School Facilities in Bengaluru. Our School is fully completed and we made sure that there is no construction activity within our campus.

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    We at The School for Global Minds has tried to understand what every parent wants from their child’s school and we have tried our best to deliver on all those points.

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About Us

The School for Global Minds – We take pride to have established this school which would be the stepping stone for its students in reaching their goals and ambitions that they choose for themselves.

TSGM focuses on imparting high-quality education with the help of our excellent trained and qualified teachers using the latest technologies and highly researched Discovery packets together with co-curricular activities by providing the best international standard sports facilities.

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Our Facilities

TSGM boasts of having one of the best School Facilities in Bengaluru. Our School is fully completed and we made sure that there is no construction activity within our campus to disturb our students or pose any risk of injury to them.

Social and Emotional Skills

Clean, Hygienic & safe environment

Positive & humanitarian learning culture for students

State-of-the-art equipment and Cultural facilities

Our Academics

TSGM has been designed for the CBSE curriculum. Here at TSGM, we are committed to impart quality education to our students by having excellent, qualified teachers using state-of-the-art classrooms. Our teachers strive to ensure that the concepts are well understood by every child. TSGM provides various educational tools like Smart Boards, Fully equipped Math Lab, Computers Lab, Science Lab, Outdoor Think Tanks, and Amphitheatre.

  • Roadmap to My Dreams is a continuous process of carving a personalized career trajectory for your child. It is a journey which identifies the child’s areas of interest, aptitude, potential and personality. Based on scientifically recorded data, we analyze and identify the dominant strengths present in your child. This can help them decide between multiple choices available in different fields such as education, hobbies, sports, art, music, career options and more. The process starts as early as kindergarten and continues till senior secondary.

  • TSGM Packets are well-rounded with learning objectives, concept delivery ideas, practical activities, assessment methods and homework worksheets. The packets also converge to the career options and latest happenings, keeping the child well aware and equipped with general knowledge. Most importantly TSGM Packets create an atmosphere of learning and nudge children to ultimately learn through enquiry.

  • You’ve heard what all work and no play can do to your little one. Getting into the habit of an active lifestyle will shower incredible health and fitness benefits on your children for the rest of their lives. TSGM hopes to inculcate this habit early in the children in our care… Literally so, that they spend an hour on the field at the break of dawn. In keeping with our promise of offering highly individual learning trajectories for every child at TSGM, we also offer a host of activities that are not part of the core curriculum, and in some cases, not even taught below the college level (Stanford Fabrication Labs, Entrepreneurship).

  • TSGM Launchpad is a unique program that brings immense educational and vocational value to our students. It is a differentiated learning platform that encourages innovation and entrepreneurship. Apart from introducing technology and engineering skills early on, it also fosters creativity, critical thinking, collaboration and communication. The curriculum spans across three subjects – Computer Science, Tech Launchpad and Entrepreneurship Lab.

  • We strongly believe that each child is unique and every child has their aspirations in their small & beautiful world, keeping that thought in the mind, we have incorporated different spheres of learning into our curriculum. We firmly believe that each child’s pace and approach to learning varies. Hence, each one must be given the requisite time and space. Teachers work as facilitators who enable the children to make their choices. No child is ever forced to take up a task against his/her will.

  • Our Pre-School program offers children a decisive stepping-stone into the world of formal education. We teach children’s to understand learning as something fun, Instead of being stressed the first time they’re in a classroom. We encourage students to explore freely & develop social skills and creative ways of learning. Our curriculum for LKG & UKG helps children ease the transition from home to school. They learn structures and routines in a progressive manner.

  • A developing mind needs more than just academics for overall development. Primary schooling or the grade 1-10 is the actual start of the journey of proper schooling or more than that for life. Our skilled teachers create an environment where academic teaching, the emergence of creativity and development of personality – all take on a parallel focus; Thereby our focus is on strengthening the foundation for character development of the children for the years to come.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • The school is designed for CBSE curriculum.

  • Pre-Primary: 8:20am to 12:30 pm.
    Grade1 to Grade7: 8:20am to 3:00pm.
    PS: We also offer extended hours for pre-primary students as per the parents’ requirements.

  • Student teacher ratio at TSGM is 30:1.

  • To ensure that each child gets the maximum possible attention. At TSGM, we practice to explore your child’s unique needs and this is only possible if the Teacher-Student ratio is optimum.

  • PTMs (Parent Teacher Meetings) are the great time to meet the class teachers as well as subject teachers. There will be four planned meeting annually.

Strong Values, Great Education

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