About Us

The School for Global Minds – We take pride to have established this school which would be the stepping stone for its students in reaching their goals and ambitions that they choose for themselves.

Why Choose Us?

We at The School for Global Minds has tried to understand what every parent wants from their child’s school and we have tried our best to deliver on all those points. Here are a few of them:

  • Our curriculum is made more relevant to the children of our future by incorporating the latest teaching methods and student assessing tools such as Discovery Launch pad, Discovery Packets, Road Map to My Dreams.
  • Providing the learning environment by combining education with activities.
  • We have raised the bar for schools providing a holistic education by not trying to do curricular and co-curricular activities all within the school timings. We have extra classes for all students on every Tuesdays and Thursdays for an additional hour during which time co-curricular activities including robotics/ special computer programming/ sports etc will be taught.
  • Our infrastructure is completed. There is no construction activity pending in the campus. Thus, our school will feel like a school with fresh air, no dirt or noise of a construction site, big mango trees and lush flora providing a magical environment. Your child will surely fall in love with our school.
  • World-class sports facilities that every child deserves.
  • In short, TSGM has strived to have it ALL – Academics, Co-curricular and strong Values.

Our People

The success of our Students is what brings us to work every day, makes us work incredibly hard and never stop trying to do better. They drive us to diligently focus on the priorities that really matter… because no matter how many other works we are tackling everyday (and we are), that priority list will always be topped by our Students.

We believe that anyone who is self-actualized and playing to their strengths will always be a happy warrior who brings an incredible amount passion and contagious energy with them. That pretty much sums up the kind of child who attends The School for Global Minds. Our Roadmap to My Dreams platform allows us to handhold our students through the process of finding their station in life, and truly discovering and developing the latent potential within themselves. They know who they are, and what their strengths are and what they want to be, credits to our extensive psychometric testing and continuous educator observations and evaluations. They are being vectored on a trajectory that will develop their dominant strengths and launch themselves forth to realize their dreams, from the aisle of their dreams and aspirations, inevitably enjoying the ride.

The School for Global Minds firmly believes that every child represents a blank canvas of infinite possibilities and we relish the opportunity to enable these children in our care to really explore this expanse of infinite possibilities and be what they want to be.

Our Learning Spaces

While working on the approach towards the architecture of The School for Global Minds, we tried to think like a child. We studied child psychology and how dwelling spaces in the school affect development in aspects of culture and behaviour in a child. We took lessons from the world’s foremost experts on designing creative spaces for children.

We have been able to integrate intellectual and creative triggers throughout the design for our learning spaces, while trying to seamlessly blend their ideas with aesthetics that set The School for global minds apart as more than just a school building but a place with lot of character and personality.

Inspired by the non-linearity and creative forces of nature and organisms, TSGM’s architecture is visually poetic, radical, idiosyncratic and environmentally aware; it embodies harmony of place, person and materials. The architecture is multi-faceted, free and surprising. The inspiration for this architecture comes from nature and can be seen in the shapes and designs that mimic natural entities.

From the Principal's desk

Education Empowers.. Today education is not just grades on the report card but a cohesive blend of both scholastic and Co scholastic achievements.

The process is to provide an overall growth- physical,mental and emotional that will help and enable the child stand tall among global citizens. Healthy competition should provide ample opportunities for the child to excel. We, at TSGM ,aim to mould each child entrusted to our care into young men and women who have their feet firmly rooted with Indian values,culture and ethos and match global standards. We also take pride in having the best infrastructure of international standards .All our classrooms are digital, modern and safe. We are highly indebted to our Management for providing us a beautiful campus that will make all of us proud to belong to. Games and sports are an integral part of our formative age,the playfields for a variety of games and the huge athletic ground of our school is a dream of all children.

The lush green scenic surrounding provides excellent ambience conducive to learning and retention.ln our venture on the flight to excellence we respect and value all our stake holders and invite all to be a part of our success stories. Rome wasn’t built in a day, but proved to be a great Civilization , isolated will our school be. We shall work tirelessly with our team of highly motivated and dedicated staff to see our school as the best and much sought after school in Bangalore. The pandemic has delayed our physical classes, but we have been constantly in touch with everyone to understand their needs and requirements. Team work brings the desired results and co operation strengthens bonds.

Together we can and we will.

Ms. Meera Sundaram