TSGM has been designed for the CBSE curriculum. Here at TSGM, we are committed to impart quality education to our students by having excellent, qualified teachers using state-of-the-art classrooms. Our teachers strive to ensure that the concepts are well understood by every child.

Roadmap to My Dreams(RTMD)

Roadmap to My Dreams is a continuous process of carving a personalized career trajectory for your child. It is a journey which identifies the child’s areas of interest, aptitude, potential and personality. Based on scientifically recorded data, we analyze and identify the dominant strengths present in your child. This can help them decide between multiple choices available in different fields such as education, hobbies, sports, art, music, career options and more. The process starts as early as kindergarten and continues till senior secondary.

TSGM’s RTMD (Roadmap to My Dreams) Program, ensures:

  • Strengths and weaknesses are identified from the early stages, through various scientifically designed tools and approaches.
  • Exposure to current and emerging Careers by integrating career education as part of the regular school curriculum.
  • Creating a Repository of Ability Clusters based on Research.
  • Mapping the child’s “Strengths” to the right “Ability Cluster” through statistical analysis of data captured pertaining to the child, that covers academic performance, interests, dominant strengths, career preferences, non-academic performance etc.

How does it happen?
Discover dominant strengths of the child:

  • MI RIASEC Tests: A battery of psychometric evaluations to identify dominant strengths, personality and interest areas.
  • Feedback from parents/ teachers/ counsellors.
  • Engagement level in the classroom through discovery packets and activities.Tailor important parts of the content and teaching methodology based on the identified strength.

Design personalized education trajectory to accentuate those strengths:

  • MI RIASEC Tests: A battery of psychometric evaluations to identify dominant strengths, personality and interest areas.
  • Map each student’s strengths to potential careers and define a career trajectory to them.
  • Expose them to opportunities that will maximize these strengths and build on them.

Design personalized education trajectory to accentuate those strengths:
Diagnosis (Discovery)

  • Educators observe and note classroom behavior and performance that point to certain dominant strengths.
  • Understand the child’s traits and nurturing those traits as they relate to the child’s dream (Dream Book), finding good role models, and expose the child to the world outside their day to day interaction.


  • Class visits, guest lectures and internships to be arranged based on dominant strengths.


  • Educators to take stock of accumulated data points from diagnostic tests, co-scholastic activities and classroom notes to point to consolidation of the child’s dominant strengths.

Committed to create a walking platform for every child to have a Roadmap to his / her dreams which if inculcated early in children’s life will reduce the wasteful detours and various wounds & scars that an unguided life leaves behind. TSGM brings research, statistics, and science into how life changing long term decisions are made and bring them early on because an early start & focus without letting go of the fun element that a child so richly deserves is the key to an education journey that spells self confidence and happiness.

Way of Learning

Pre-Primary & Elementary Years at TSGM

According to brain development research 90% of brain is developed at the age of 5 years, thus TSGM Pre-Primary Discovery Packets are particularly equipped to deliver fundamental concepts in early years. Discovery Packets help children internalise concepts such as colours, shapes, letters, numbers, seasons and such.

It revolves around developmental domains of the early childhood years. It exposes the children gradually and naturally to the world of technology and is integrated with activity based learning. The packets are weaved and integrated with the proven methodologies of playway, Montessori, Reggio Emilia and Waldorf. The well segmented and classified program ensures an effective implementation in a naturally adaptive manner.

The Playgroup and Nursery curriculum focuses on developing fine and gross motor skills, skills of language, communication, identifying and relating to surroundings. Holistic growth and development of child in terms of emotional, physical, intellectual and social is given importance.

The LKG and UKG curriculum gets more structured for literacy, numeracy, social and emotional development of child. The skills are integrated through music, dance, art, games, story books, games, puzzles, toys, interaction, social events, festival celebration and worksheets.

Our scientifically designed assessment methodology will ensure child’s progress in various skill areas are monitored and progress is shared with parents. Parents will play a key role in ensuring success of their child’s learning development in future years. Apart from greater academic focus in Elementary years Grade 1 and 2, TSGM believes in capturing & nurturing the dreams of children right from this tender age. We introduce children to our RTMD project (Roadmap to My Dreams) project and subtly guide them towards their goals.

Apart from the curriculum itself, Pre-Primary Learning Spaces such as Wet & Messy Area, Dollhouse, Story Telling Room, Splash Pool and classrooms that absorb children in their colourful world are reasons why Pre-Primary years at TSGM are lot more fun. Everything in the tiny tot TSGM world is kept colourful, attractive and reachable, because it’s made just for them!

High School Power Play

“High School Power Play” OR in other words TSGM curriculum that caters to Grades 9 and above to prepare TSGM Students for board examinations.

Under the Mentorship of Renowned educationist Neel Ratna Shrivastava as Chief Academic Mentor, TSGM team executes the Discovery moments with Academic Rigor to prepare the students for the board and competitive examination.

TSGM approach helps bringing the cutting edge difference in High school power play pedagogy and academics by –

  • Providing Students the provision of concept schooling – which ensures additional and regular Practice of the concept in the School itself. Apart from this, with lecture capturing solution support ensures capturing of Expert Lecture sessions of Maths and Science by Neel Ratna Shrivastava. Students can therefore revise the concepts at their own pace and comfort.

Classroom Approach:
  • Team of Passionate subject experts to deliver classes in a stress free learning environment.
  • Weekly classroom tests for continuous evaluation and benchmarking.
  • Guided Practice during classes through textbook exercise discussions and solutions.
  • Assignment worksheets for after-school practice.
  • Preparatory notes on Maths and Science along with solved questions based on the Board examination pattern.
  • RTMD guidance through experienced guest faculty invited regularly, to address the different dimensions of concept and prepare the students to excel in competitive examinations

Beyond the Classroom

You’ve heard what all work and no play can do to your little one. Getting into the habit of an active lifestyle will shower incredible health and fitness benefits on your children for the rest of their lives. TSGM hopes to inculcate this habit early in the children in our care… Literally so, that they spend an hour on the field at the break of dawn.

In keeping with our promise of offering highly individual learning trajectories for every child at TSGM, we also offer a host of activities that are not part of the core curriculum, and in some cases, not even taught below the college level (Stanford Fabrication Labs, Entrepreneurship). Here is a partial list of activities that most TGSM will offer:

    Technology Training:
  • Mobile programming
  • Animation programming
  • Editing music, movies and photographs
  • Internet engineering (Cisco Networking)
  • Embedded computer chip programming
  • Prototyping (Stanford Fablab@School)
    Outdoor Sports:
  • Football
  • Cricket
  • Volleyball
  • Badminton
  • Basketball
  • Tennis
  • Athletics
    Indoor Sports and Fitness:
  • Gymnastics
  • Malkhamb
  • Carrom
  • Chess
  • Stretching and flexibility exercises
    Performing Arts:
  • Several Indian and Western musical instruments
  • Contemporary and classical singing
  • Indian classical and Western dance
    Personality Development:
  • Public speaking
  • Leadership skills
  • Outdoor teamwork workshops
    Visual Arts:
  • Sketching
  • Cartooning
  • Painting

Real world experience associated to the child’s Roadmap to my Dreams profile:

  • Guest lectures by industry professionals
  • Industry mentors
  • Industry internships
  • Entrepreneurship program that expects every student to start their own company, however small and humble the business
  • Kitchen garden farming
  • Basic accountancy
  • Concepts in sales and marketing
  • Managing people that work for you


We strongly believe that each child is unique and every child has their aspirations in their small & beautiful world, keeping that thought in the mind, we have incorporated different spheres of learning into our curriculum.

We firmly believe that each child’s pace and approach to learning varies. Hence, each one must be given the requisite time and space. Teachers work as facilitators who enable the children to make their choices. No child is ever forced to take up a task against his/her will.

Nursery is the first step of your child to any kind of education away from your house. It is an education with playful activities . Based on interests & liking, we analyze & allows kids to explore. These activities helps in deciding choices available in different fields such as education, hobbies, sports, art, music, career options and more in the years to come. The process starts from nursery and continues to kindergarten and then till primary school.


Our Pre-School program offers children a decisive stepping-stone into the world of formal education. We teach children’s to understand learning as something fun, Instead of being stressed the first time they’re in a classroom. We encourage students to explore freely & develop social skills and creative ways of learning. Our curriculum for LKG & UKG helps children ease the transition from home to school. They learn structures and routines in a progressive manner.

Lower kindergarten (LKG) or Junior KG is a natural progression from the Nursery. They learn the alphabet and basic numbers. Children will be encouraged to play. They develop social, emotional and physical skills.

Upper kindergarten (UKG) or Senior KG is a more structured way of teaching. Children learn to read and write using creative methods. Their vocabulary develops and they learn basic math. Teachers use a more individual approach depending on the child. The learnings are used to prepare children for first grade.

Grade 1-7

A developing mind needs more than just academics for overall development. Primary schooling or the grade 1-7 is the actual start of the journey of proper schooling or more than that for life. Our skilled teachers create an environment where academic teaching, the emergence of creativity and development of personality – all take on a parallel focus; Thereby our focus is on strengthening the foundation for character development of the children for the years to come.

We know that young kids only flourish when they are treated with love, kindness, and respect. So we make sure to instil values of humanity & integrity into them. We understand the importance of uniqueness in every individual, whether that person is shy or confident, sporty, scholarly or both. We nurture every child with equality, care & kindness. We emphasize the importance of learning through play all the while having a commitment to holistic, structured and curious attitude towards education, as it develops their complete personality with self-confidence & self-esteem.

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